On-Site Auctions:

We offer complete on-site auctions at the site where your items are located for business liquidation, farms, personal property, and real estate.

We take care of all the details. We evaluate the contents of the sale, set up, advertise, and clean up the auction; we itemize the sale and return the proceeds to the appropriate seller.

There are times when an on-site auction does not benefit the seller. If this happens, the auction becomes an off-site auction.

Off-Site Auctions:

When we feel that an off-site auction will better benefit the seller, we arrange to have the items picked up and moved promptly to our secure facility. Here the items are listed for advertisements and prepared for an upcoming auction. These auctions are usually held in our 15,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility located in Milford, Delaware.

Estate Auctions:

We specialize in Estate Auctions. This can be a time for an Executor or administrator of an Estate that can prove to be very overwhelming. Our Company takes the pressure off. From evaluating the property to be sold, to picking up and sorting through, to selling and shipping the items to their new owners. This alleviates a lot of stress on family members who may be at a loss in such a critical time of their lives. If you are still unsure as to which better suits your needs please check out this interesting article: Estate Sale or Auction

Real Estate Auctions:

Real Estate auctions have been held for many years. Unfortunately, many people feel that when you sell your real estate at an auction, you get the short end of the stick. Not in today's market. The auction method has become very popular because all "ready, willing, and able" buyers are there together.

When it is time to sell a particular property, you advertise it, and all potential buyers are willing to pay the highest and best amount for the property. All properties are sold "as is, where is", and they settle between 30 and 45 days! This sense of urgency forces all prospective buyers to come out at once and compete on the particular property.

Simply stated: an auction brings together the group of interested buyers and the seller, all at the same time and place with their interest on one single purpose, the sale of the property.

Our auction company, Clerk and Auctioneers, are also licensed RealtorsĀ® in Delaware and Maryland with The Watson Realty Group. Visit the website at